domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Le Tango s’invite à Puteaux
Laissez-vous entraîner par le rythme élégant du Tango : après un cours d’initiation d’une heure, vous profiterez d’une milonga (un bal autour du tango argentin) organisé sur l’Esplanade de l’Hôtel de Ville de Puteaux.
Informations pratiques :
Samedi 27 août de 17h à 22h sur l’Esplanade de l’Hôtel de Ville
Milonga exceptionnelle en Plein Air sur l'esplanade de l'Hôtel de Ville de Puteaux Ce samedi 27 août de 17h a 22h
ainsi que
pour vous faire danser
et pour couronner le tout
200m2 de magnifique parquet installé spécialement pour vous
P.S. : Très important !!! En cas d'intempéries, le bal sera déménagé à l'intérieur de la Mairie de Puteaux
17h -18h : Cours d'Initiation au Tango
18h - 22h : Milonga avec DJ René Bui et 2 Concert en Live !!!
Comment s'y rendre : Train ou T2 Station Puteaux, métro ligne 1 ou RER A La Défense
Renseignements au 01 46 92 75 21
Ouvert à tous

Depuis le mois de mars, Paris et Buenos Aires se retrouvent en tandem autour de programmes croisés mêlant patrimoine et création contemporaine. Au printemps, Buenos Aires a accueilli Paris. A l’automne, c’est Paris qui accueille la capitale argentine autour d’une programmation très chaloupée, qui fera, en septembre, la part belle au tango !
Soirée d’ouverture :
17h - 21h
Djs sets de Gotan Project et Horacio Godoy
Avec la participation des champions du monde du Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires 2011
Ouvert à tous, entrée libre
Accès : M° Trocadéro, Iéna
RER C : Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel
A noter aussi dans les rendez-vous de septembre :
Vendredi 16 septembre, 21h-3h
Nuit Ouf #3 Buenos Aires électro-cumbia
Samedi 17 septembre, 14h-3h
La Noche de Tango
Dimanche 18 septembre, 11h-23h
Cours collectifs de tango, brunch dansant et Bal Pop spécial milonga
Le Tandem Paris-Buenos Aires 2011 est mis en œuvre par l’Institut français et la Ville de Buenos Aires et soutenu par la Ville de Paris, le ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes et le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Taller de Teatro Asura
Seminarios intensivos Otoño 2011
16, 17 y 18 de septiembre
El clown en el Hospital y en el Trabajo Social
Profesora: Verónica Macedo.
Viernes de 18 a 21h., Sábado de 16 a 20 y Domingo de 10 h30 a 15h30. Total: 15 horas. Precio: 125 €
Del 19 al 23 de Septiembre
Profesores. Borja Cortés y Pablo Pundik
De 17 a 20h/ de 20 a 23h. Total: 15 horas. Precio: 150 €
23, 24 y 25 de Septiembre
La voz para el comediante: cuerpo, gesto y sonido
Profesor : Luis Naranjo
Viernes de 18 h30 a 22h. Sábado de 11 a 14 y 16 a 18 h30. Domingo 11 a 15h. Total: 15 horas. Precio: 150 €
Del 26 al 30 de septiembre
Profesor : Pablo Pundik
De 17 a 20h/ de 20 a 23h. Total: 15 horas. Precio: 150 €
Profesores: Joseph Stella y Pablo Pundik
Miércoles y viernes de 10 a 14h (32 horas.8 clases de 4 horas) Precio: 225 €
11, 12, 13 y 18, 19, 20 de Noviembre 2011
Profesores: Víctor Orive y Joseph Stella
Viernes de 19 a 22h., Sábados de 12 a 15h. y 17 a 20h., Domingos de 10: 30 a 15:30h. (14 horas de taller cada fin de semana) Precio : 2 fines de semana 255 €. 1 fin de semana 150 €.
C/ Abel 1- 28039-Madrid - 91 533 15 65 -

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

call for Dance Schools/Groups, is inviting participants, directors, choreographers,
dancers, performing arts educators, teachers, arts managers and dance/theatre lovers!
Showcases/Competitions for emerging & established Dance Schools,
Companies and Groups from all over the World!
We hope summer is happening for you and you're enjoying the great
outdoors and our freedoms with your loved ones or just by yourselves.
We have been asked many times from Dance Directors when We was
available to do dance europe competitions for any levels.
So we decided than this year was the time to begin and had create a
nice flyer to advertise this new approach for booking dance competitions.
A dance planing that can be booked on any date and at any location here in
europe, in Spain, Italy or in Paris.
Would you please open the FLYER
for Dance Europe Competitions and other attachments and if interested PLEASE give
us your e.mail contact to discuss any questions you may have.
If you could also forward this email to your friends and contact that are
in the dance organizzation and arts business, I'd be very appreciative and thankful
to you. THANKS so much for your support and assitance.
We highly recommend everybody, to subscribe the Reg. Form and reserve your
participation ASAP, due to high affluence, so please hurry ut! once we have reached
the max apacity of registrations, it won't possible to enroll any other apllications.
After the great success of the Barcelona and Italy Dance Awards 2011 festival editions,about 1400 dancers from the five continent had dance and compete in the big EU dance event in the 2011! This is what we did in the 2011 season, we are ready and honoured to do again in Europe Dance Award Competitions 2012.
Whether you are a Dance group, a University or a Corporation;
Barcelona and Italy Dance Award Org. is here to take care of your 2012 Dance Season participation needs.
Dance Award help you EXPERIENCE the 2012 Europe dance events!
It’s ALL about the Experience!
Warm regards,Just fill in the form, and you will receive (free on charges)
the new brochures and posters for the DANCE SEASON 2012!
please send to the organizer E-Mail:
Full Name:
School/Company Name:
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
City: State/Province:
Country: ZIP/Postal:

The CID Circular August 2011

01. Competition in Germany
International Competition invites young dancers from vocational and private schools to Berlin 24-28 February 2012. Categories: classical, modern, character, folk, jazz and pop. Money prizes, scholarships, company contracts, travel deals.
02. Competition in Poland
A meeting of professional choreographers, to present and promote the most talented and skilled artists. Only the work of choreographers is evaluated. In Lodz 12-13 November. Inviting original and innovative works.
03. New site
The Naxos Section of CID has created another website with painting masterpieces of the Orientalist school. Belly dancers could use these pictures as background for performances.
04. Festival in Greece
International festival, all forms of dance, invites ensembles from all countries, combining their participation with a visit to the sites of Athens. Performances on Mondays 5 & 19 September 2011.
05. Festival in Brazil
Folklore Festival at Passo Fundo 17-25 August 2012 invites ensembles from all countries.
06. Festival in Nepal
Inviting ensembles to participate in international festival to be held in various cities of Nepal from 9 to 18 March 2012.
07. Scholarship for China
Covering tuition, fees, room and board during 10 months at the Beijing Dance Academy, airline tickets to and from Beijing, health insurance and per diem. Choice of specialization between: Ballet, Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese National and Folk Dance Modern Dance.
08. Choreography competition
Inviting works expressing Asian cultures or Asian narratives such as myths or tales, or that utilize various traditional dances of Asia. Prizes are 8000, 5000 and 3000 US dollars.
09. New site
Scientific research has refuted naive myths surrounding Belly dance. The Beyoglu Section of CID has prepared a site to be filled with historical documents, on the occasion of the upcoming CID Congress and General Assembly in Istanbul 24-27 November 2011:
10. Correct your listing
Receiving this Circular means your listing has been included in the Global Dance Directory. Please check it and make corrections. Click on Directory and write your family name or location in the search window:
The CID Circular is sent every month to Members of the CID-UNESCO and over 100,000 other dance professionals in 200 countries. See previous announcements and opportunities at:
To obtain contact details for the above write to the CID Secretariat.
To ensure you receive your CID Circulars, please add to your address book.
International Dance Council - CID - Conseil International de la Danse
UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, FR-75732 Paris, France

sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

Luego de casi 5 años acotando a la cultura de Raíz el próximo miércoles 24 de Agosto volvemos con otra edición de la MONTE SOUND. El Reggae night que marcó un antes y un después en la escena local sellando a fuego estilos como el New Roots y el Dancehall así como el concepto del Reggae Sound System de los 2000. Para esta oportunidad tendremos el honor de recibir desde de Argentina a una artista que hoy dia es sin dudas una de los referentes más importante del Dancehall de Latino América, en vivo: PRINCESA VALE, también estarán acompañándonos los hermanos de VAIMACA DUB, Kami Ras, Jahviman y Justin presentarán un adelanto de lo que vienen trabajando con el MONTE SOUND SYSTEM.
La selecktah musical la estará abriendo los hermanos de LA CASA DEL REGGAE con el mejor Reggae Roots de ayer y de hoy y luego Jahviman & Justin Selecktah cerraran esta noche con la mejor vibra bailando hasta que salga el Sol.
Entradas anticipadas a 100 pesos c/ consumición en YUYO BROTHERS galería del Virrey.
Puerta 120 c/ consumición pesos, CHICAS 2x1 antes de las 02:00hs (Local con capacidad limitada).
O Jah lá nos veamos el 24, Bless up !!!!

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

“XIV. Ball” y “International Festival Wuppertal” (Alemania) pueden ver en el internet.
29.sep - 03.oct 2011
Workshops - Concerts - Shows - Drama - dance
Gisela Natoli & Gustavo Rosas
Virginia Gomez & Christian Marquez "Los Totis"
Diana del Valle & Juan Camerlingo
Alejandra Heredia & Mariano Otero
Anna Yarigo & Jose Vazquez
Julia Zueva & Alexey Barbolin
Carmen Fabian & Cesar Spengler
Ilona & Salvador Rios
Beate Brueck & Dirk Steinkamp (Feldenkrais)
Christine Traeger (Alexander-Technik)
Grán Orquesta Tipica "OTRA"
Las Guitarras Portenas
Trio Enfierrado
Don Carlos Goiach (Dj classic)
Gustavo Rosas "mit Vinyl" (Dj classic)
Pierre M (Video & Dj classic + hybrid- fusion-Tango)
Isabella & Iwan "e-longa" (Dj "Tango Flavours Lounge")
Cesar Spengler (Dj classic)
Peter Semrau (Dj classic)
videos, festival flyer and workshop compass ... all under
Notice: Silvester 2011/2012
also at Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal
TANGO TANGO W u p p e r t a l
Krautstr. 74
42289 Wuppertal
Tel 0202 305857
Finanzamt: Wuppertal-Barmen
USt-IdNr: DE 204031855

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Intensive workshop in Theatre Biomechanics - Meyerhold
International Intensive Workshop for actors, dancers, directors, choreographers
under the guidance of Sergei Ostrenko (Russia)
August 22 - 29, 2011
Leitring bei Lebnitz, Austria
At the moment there are 3 places left for reduced participation fee (50% discount) - 250 EUR.
To apply for participation, candidates should send CV/resume with photo and a brief letter of motivation.
Participants will explore the principles of Theatre Biomechanics, the psycho-physical approach in contemporary performer’s training and its application to practical work - rehearsal process, performance and teaching, and will learn one of the classical Etudes.
The workshop working language is English.
Accommodation and meals are organized for the group
(38 EUR shared twin room including three meals per day; single room - extra 7 EUR).
Nearest international airports - Graz and Vienna, Austria.
More details:

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011