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Paris 18e
Vous êtes déjà passés aux pratiques de Mordida ?
C'est tous les vendredis (21h > 23h30)
et tous les dimanches (18h30 > 22h)
5 euros / boissons gratuites
Nouveau ! : PASS Pratique > 10 pratiques
(vendredi et / ou dimanche) : 40 euros
Toutes les semaines :
12 COURS (5 niveaux), 2 PRATIQUES
Et des événements toute l'année…
Samedi 28 avec Charlotte Hess
Dimanche 29 avec Miguel Gabis
Pas d'inscription préalable, faîtes passer le message à vos amis …
Du 20 février au 5 mars
01 43 60 61 08
Conseillers artistiques : Charlotte Hess et Miguel Gabis

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miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

News for the Dance Schools/Departments -The Ultimate Dance Competition Europe in Paris 2012 "Europe Dance Competition 2012 in France"and "Prix de Danse Paris 2012"
For Immediate release: 26° EDITION for Dance, Schools/Departments/Groups.
Come with us to the International Europe Dance Competition in France Paris,
from 5th to 9th April 2012 (during the Easter Holiday Time).
The Director of Europe Dance Competition, present the 26th International Competition and invite your
dance group to performingand teaching at the most prestigious dance events in Europe the next season.
5 days of...... Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern and each other kind of dance arts, Dance Team
Showcases & International dance perform competition, Parties and Dancing.
Invitations are open for the "Dance Schools/Groups" to boost their careers with this fabulous performance opportunity, in the next 5th to 9th April 2012 (during the Easter Holiday Time).
I'm inviting the "Dance Directors" who are willing to invest in themselves and who are interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures, as well as promoting their work abroad" says Mr. Stass "I'm looking for "Dance Directors" who see this thrilling event as an opportunity to benefit their professional development.
Selected Schools/Departments/Groups will receive a complete production package, which includes:
three performances, lighting, sound, technical assistance, a professional level of publicity, pre-show rehearsal arrangements, printed materials, printed programs, and hotel accommodation based on two/three persons sharing
twin bedded rooms with private bath/shower.
In addition, the "Dance Directors" will have an opportunity to network and attend all performances by groups from all over the world.
Mr. Angel Stass, director of "Europe Dance Awards", initiated The Int. Competition in 1996, premiering in Spain has delighted international festivals with exciting presentations of ballet/modern/contemporary dance.
Full Weekend Pass will get you full access to all activities: shows, activities and theatre dance events.To find out how to qualify, e-mail the office: space is limited, so "Dance Directors" should act right away!
Each showcase is a unique blend of distinguished choreographers and dancers from around the world.
Through these artists' professional efforts and dedication to dance, art becomes reality across the globe.
Don't stay at home!
Come with us to our next step: Travel, Dance, Compete and enjoy the best "WorlDancEventS" in Europe.
I look forward to your participation and I hope to see you at the next festivals.
If you need, Just in a few days you will receive some advertising materials from us, the new brochures and
posters of the Europe Dance Award 2012 please replay to this e.mail your free on charges request of info.
our e.mail:
Full Name: ___________________________________________
School/Company Name:_________________________________
Fax: ________________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________* REQUIRED FIELD
Shipping Address: ____________________________________
City: ____________________ State/Province:______________
Country: _________________________ZIP/Postal: __________

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jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Valérie Onnis et Daniel Darius
Stages/Workshops OtroTango
Oct. - Dec. 2011
01/10 LA ROCHELLE – Cours 3 niveaux, milonga
08-09/10 TARBES – Weekend stage, bal avec démonstration
15/10 LE MANS – Cours 3 niveaux
21/10 PARIS – Scène Nationale de l'Agora : stage, bal et démo de Daniel Darius et Valérie Onnis avec le quatuor El Arrastre
22-23/10 NANCY – Weekend stage, bal avec démonstration
04/11 NIORT – Cours 3 niveaux
05/11 LA ROCHELLE – Cours 3 niveaux, milonga
12-13/11 PARIS – Weekend stage
12/11 Stage musicalité (tous niveaux) avec Eric Schmitt et Marie-Pierre Gabis
13/11 Stage Inter/Avancé « La marche du style "salón" et les figures dites "nuevo" »
19/11 LE MANS – Cours 3 niveaux
26/11 TOULOUSE – 2 Ateliers sur le thème « L'abrazo fermé et les figures dites nuevo »
02/12 NIORT – Cours 3 niveaux
03-04/12 LA ROCHELLE – Weekend stage, bal avec démonstration
10-11/12 PARIS – Weekend stage, bal avec démonstration
17-18/12 MENTON – Weekend stage, bal avec démonstration