viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Interpretation Contest 2010
The Lunovis Verlag Berlin wants to promote the cultural exchange between
Argentina and Europe, between classical music and tango, and between a composer
and his interpreters.
The initiative addresses musicians with professional ambitions to participate
until the 15th of May on the interpretation contest "beyond TANGO" on the theme
of "Contemporary Argentinian Chamber Music".
It intends to offer the participants deeper insights into New Argentinian
Chamber Music, as exemplified by the contemporary composer Pablo Aguirre and his
opus. Also to our great pleasure Mr Aguirre will provide our project in person
as art director.
The beyond Tango initiative entails the production of a CD, which will be at a
professional level.
The concert on which the musicians present the works and the release of the
album will be at the 20th November 2010 in the Saalbau of the Heimathafen
Neukoelln in Berlin.
Potential contestants will have free access to download selected works of
composer Pablo Aguirre. The sheet music, the application documents as well as
the terms and conditions are provided on the website The
application is free of charge.
documents and informations:
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to the composer Pablo Aguirre:
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beyond TANGO
An initiative by Lunovis Verlag Berlin for emerging musicians and interpreters
with professional ambitions to promote cultural exchange in the field of
Contemporary Argentinian Chamber Music
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